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Welcome to nuForge, a project and version management portal for hosting class and research projects at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department within the College of Engineering at Northeastern University

Students and faculty members can host their own class and research projects on this portal. Projects are by default private (i.e. are visible and accessible only by members of the project) and can be made public (viewable for everyone).

Please log in with your COE username and password. External guests may request new account.

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 If you still have questions or issues please post in the help forum, or email help@coe.neu.edu.

Enjoy the development!


Thanks to the COE Computer Center for hosting nuForge!
Thanks to GForgeGroup.com for the education license of gForge AS.

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(2015-12-10) EECE_LabInventory
(2014-10-10) EECE2160
(2014-10-10) AdmissionBackend
(2014-09-09) ZedBoard
(2014-09-04) NEU Banner Tools
(2013-10-07) IEEE_LinuxLab
(2013-05-03) Biomed Circuits and Signals
(2013-02-25) Performance Estimation
(2012-10-10) ClubUML
(2012-09-06) HwSwCoDesign
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(944) esl
(630) ZedBoard
(148) PAL
(147) NEU Banner Tools
(17) Human-in-the-Loop Cyber Physical Systems
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